Where have all the good men gone?

I wish that I could have a happier first blog entry, but I need to vent. So 2 weeks ago, my now ex-boyfriend and I ended our 13 month relationship. We seemed to do nothing but bicker and argue over stupid crap for the last month and a half of it so we knew that it was for the best. He's still one of my closest friends but he also told me that he still wants to be with me and that he misses me. However, now that we've split up he won't stop talking about this other girl. She's a good friend to both of us but he won't shut up about what they do together or what they tell each other, he also said he's been "pining over her" for the last few days. I forgot to mention that he used to really like her before we started dating and they would always flirt with each other and continued to do so after the first couple of months we started dating. I'm just so damn confused. I don't know if he truly still wants to be with me or this other girl. With what he's told me he's making me question my decision of not wanting to be with him but at the same time he possibly likes another girl. I don't want someone that's gonna play me like that. I just wish I knew what the hell was going on inside his head and get this mess sorted out. Man emotions can suck sometimes.

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  1. kurtwagnerx3 Says:

    so too can women emotions look that hard fact is he wants her more yet he still wants you 2 is always better than one and if he can manipulate you into said position he will humans can be very ….cold hearted

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