i'm still fairly new to the whole idea of crossovers, but I've recently found a very guilty pleasure of mine. The crossover of 'Rise of the Guardians' with 'How to Train Your Dragon'. But i'm curious, does anyone else have any crossovers they love/is a guilty pleasure of theirs. I've seen a lot of good ones, but I want to see more of the best ones. So if anyone has any good ones hit me up with them

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  1. vanadesselorien Says:

    I like Blood+ and Hellsing. I usually don’t much care for crossovers, but those are pretty good.

  2. sped13 Says:

    G.I. Joe and Transformers gotta love Starscream and Cobra Commander working together

  3. johnthrell Says:

    I agree sped, especially since starscream and cobra commander are the same voice actor, so that’s not much of a stretch for the voice actor. As for crossovers, ones that were done, I cannot think of any that have been done that really peaked my interest, but in the case of a genre, I would love to see an official one for either the Fallout series (would be cool to see how the Courier and the Lone Wanderer would react to each other, as there only is a five year difference between the two games), or the Elder Scrolls series( the coming MMORPG does not count).

  4. camellias Says:

    Being a big pixar fan i love the idea that Anna and Elsa from frozen are Flyn and Rapunzels cousins

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