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jay251   (open in a new window)

37 years old | North Mobile, AL, USA

kattron9000   (open in a new window)

Young heart with an old soul :)
Oh man...I always have a hard time describing myself but I'll give it thee ol' college try. First things first.. you guessed it, I'm a huge nerd :b I basically like all the typical nerdy things(we can talk about that later). But the nerdiest thing about me is my personality. I love referencing movies, video games, and just love being quirky. I'd like to find a guy that embraces his nerdiness and e...

21 years old | Box Elder, SD, USA

jrock91   (open in a new window)

Honestly im not much of a computer chatter, but seeing how relationships haven't gone well in the past I thought id give this site a shot. Lookin for someone who shares the same interests. Im a fan of video games, anime, dc/marvel, tv and movies. if theres anything you want to know, feel free to send a message anytime. Ill take a nerdy girl over a party girl any day... especially one who wears gla...

23 years old | Hemet, CA, USA

xxxdovexxx   (open in a new window)

26 years old | Australian Capital Territory, Australia

moose813   (open in a new window)

25 years old | Tampa, FL, USA

timj94   (open in a new window)

im a video gamer mainly games like halo, i also love sci fi movies/tv shows and zombie movies, as far as music goes i love 60s 70s and 90s rock music

19 years old | Paola, KS, USA

isaac101   (open in a new window)

62 years old | Rural Area, VA, USA

1nut3meg2   (open in a new window)

20 years old | Rural Area, WA, USA

garrettbenjamin   (open in a new window)

gamer guy looking for his princess
So, I'm 24 at the moment, and have just realized my potential and finally decided on what I want to do with my life. I'm looking for friendship that may turn into more. Not a girlfriend but a best friend who I'd want to share life's adventures with. Now that that sappy stuff is out of the way, a little about me. I'm shy at first, but it's easier to get me out of my shell than it used to be. Gam...

24 years old | Tucson, AZ, USA

peterporcupine   (open in a new window)

Darmok on the ocean

Gentleman and scholar, kind, thought-full, seeks small, sickly, genius-girl with one eye and a limp [1]. A companion through adventure and hardship.

History, science, literature, wordplay, geography, liberty, Classics, education, genealogy, philosophy, New England. Car-free, INTJ.

[1] Metaphorically or literally, it doesn't matter.

53 years old | Concord, MA, USA

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