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ghurl420   (open in a new window)

Fun, outgoing Nerd Girl seeks new adventures.. and some awesome company for those said excursions. I'm a chill chick. Drop me a Line

36 years old | Panama City, FL, USA

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spodrocker   (open in a new window)

I'm a nerd who is into comic books, manga, video games, Anime, and sci-fi concepts in general.

23 years old | Guildford, United Kingdom

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memory   (open in a new window)

Im anime obsessed.... and I love fluffy plush Alpacasos x.x so cute... I play video games quite frequently. (but im ver picky about games I will and will not touch) Usually Rpgs, some Fps... sigh -.- also I don't date. do not ask...

21 years old | Woodstock, IL, USA

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littlehope   (open in a new window)

I'm a freelance writer of movie and TV reviews mostly, generally a quiet stay-at-home type, into movies, comic books, a variety of music (hard rock/metal, pop, country), sci-fi, horror and taking naps. I've previously spent a lot of time both celibate and alone, by choice, completely avoiding dating, sex, romance and relationships, and I've still yet to figure out if I want to date, or make fri...

33 years old | Las Vegas, NV, USA

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shygirlepicgirl   (open in a new window)

Im me. What else id there to say

26 years old | Gatesville, TX, USA

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englishgeek   (open in a new window)

Hello I'm The Doctor.
Well not really but we can dream lol. Well I am a Nerd or Geek (Been called both and get off this planet although not sure that's a name). Looking to make new friends talk to people with similar interests and have fun. I have a wonderful girlfriend so not here to date or find love as already found it. I like all things Sc-fi Especially Doctor Who and Star Trek (my photos probably give that away th...

24 years old | Hartlepool, United Kingdom

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timo716   (open in a new window)

I'm Timo I'm a real nerd. I'm studying for microbiologist. Love music and games. I will update this also I'm looking for a awesome nerdy girl to fall in love with. And also friendship. That is also important

23 years old | Zoetermeer, Netherlands

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kaine23   (open in a new window)

Geeky in NJ
I also very much enjoy Asian culture and society. Be it anime or manga, Japanese or Chinese food, or just in general. Some other geekdoms include Star Wars, Star Trek, cosplay, sci-fi, Doctor Who, video games, and my interest in computer repair and technologies. I'm a comic book fan too, mostly Marvel comics though I've been picking up more from DC lately. I grew up as a Yankees fan too and als...

37 years old | Dover, NJ, USA

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mrj619   (open in a new window)

31 years old | San Diego, CA, USA

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nightrider64   (open in a new window)

Definitely Nerdy
I love Star Trek and Star Wars and various areas of comic book and superhero and fantasy literature.

49 years old | Roseboro, NC, USA

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