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theoutlander   (open in a new window)

41 years old | Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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thanos11   (open in a new window)

The Man with many names
I'm good at making friends easily all of my friends were in high school but unfortunately moved away so I'm looking to make new ones. I'm looking for a girl who smart and knows when its time to have fun and time to be serious I'm the kind of person that ends up talking about stuff that ends up be unimportant and/or meaningless. I am a fun loving joking kind of guys and currently trying to find tha...

28 years old | Baltimore, MD, USA

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nightrider64   (open in a new window)

Definitely Nerdy
I love Star Trek and Star Wars and various areas of comic book and superhero and fantasy literature.

49 years old | Roseboro, NC, USA

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kalel87   (open in a new window)

I'm mostly nerdy with someother things thrown in:)
I am fun loving nerd that loves to laugh and be adventurous in video games as well as real life I am a laid back kind of guy that enjoys slaying dragons in dungeons to surviving in some sort of zombie apocalypse. I also venture outside, and play sports sometimes. I am always up for trying something new. I am for the most part out going, ...

25 years old | Ontario, CANADA

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trogdor2099   (open in a new window)

Just looking for a fellow nerd who can talk and game about comics, science, and whatever else the time calls for hours on end.

27 years old | Gaithersburg, MD, USA

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fuggl   (open in a new window)

30 years old | Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

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travis92485   (open in a new window)

How's it going Passions Network people!!! Well to start this out, as it states above I don't consider my self a full on nerd, but on the other hand I do have some nerdish tendencies. Big ones. The first and definitively the biggest is Video Games. I love everything to do with Gaming. While I haven't own every system I've played on pretty much all of them. My favorite genre would have to be RPG's. ...

28 years old | Dayton, OH, USA

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spodrocker   (open in a new window)

I'm a nerd who is into comic books, manga, video games, Anime, and sci-fi concepts in general.

23 years old | Guildford, United Kingdom

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dangerzone17   (open in a new window)

God... where to start. I'm such a freaking huge nerd. I Roleplay via text most of the time. I still love NES over any new systems. I'm an Anime and Manga nerd, Email me and we'll compare what we've read/watched if you wish. I'm a Full Metal Alchemist fanboy foremost over all other series. Ummm, despite being a nerd, I'm freaking awful at math and hate it more than anything on earth.

26 years old | Buffalo, NY, USA

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manofsteelbars   (open in a new window)

Shy Libertarian
I'm very shy and introverted, and looking for someone to have in my life. I just like to stay in and play video games or watch Netflix. I'm also a fan of comic books / graphic novels. I am willing to improve myself- whether it's with exercise, eating healthier, or learning new skills.

29 years old | Wood Dale, IL, USA

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