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littlehope   (open in a new window)

I'm a freelance writer of movie and TV reviews mostly, generally a quiet stay-at-home type, into movies, comic books, a variety of music (hard rock/metal, pop, country), sci-fi, horror and taking naps. I've previously spent a lot of time both celibate and alone, by choice, completely avoiding dating, sex, romance and relationships, and I've still yet to figure out if I want to date, or make f...

35 years old | Acoma, NV, USA

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coluan   (open in a new window)

"The illusion is always one of normality"
I s'pose I'm looking for friends as of now. People. Mostly. Though any non-terrestrials and sentient talking animals, feel free to apply...

I'm just a regular guy. A regular introverted fan of comic books, Stars Wars, the Simpsons, and Doctor Who type of guy.


31 years old | Dickson City, PA, USA

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lastknightleft   (open in a new window)

lonely knight seeks fair maiden
about me, right, well i'm honest to a fault, and fiercely loyal. i'm an otaku and i love to cosplay. i'm a published poet (one even made it to the UK). i'm trying to become a full time writer, and have been working on my book for the better part of thirteen years. i'm a movie nut and have a dvd collection numbering somewhere around two hundred and fifty. i'm passionate about music and never miss a...

32 years old | New Albany, IN, USA

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windryder28   (open in a new window)

For the Honor of Grayskull!!
Hello.*Stands up, taps mic* I am a geek, nerd, otaku and proud. Yes, I am all kinds of weird. Nerd is just one of my many card-carrying statuses. I enjoy subcultures and deep conversations. I like big books and I cannot lie. I can geek out over national parks, anime and kitties!! To name a few. Glad to be a part of the collective. *adjusts glasses* Thank you for your time. May you live long, and p...

29 years old | Bellefonte, PA, USA

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jockepocke95   (open in a new window)

Swedish Nerd conversationist.
-Speedy Translation- Hi! I'm a job-seeking employed who likes his job. On my leisure time I play games, watch movies/tv, poke around in my PC... all at the same time. I often point out mistakes, there is always improvements to be made. I'm stubborn, even as I am lactose intolerant I do drink and eat what I want when I want. Raised on rock which have evolved into a liking of alt...

20 years old | Tullinge, Sweden

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singleguppy   (open in a new window)

please god send me a nerd!
I'm black. I Don't listen to rap much and my pants fit. I'm just a dork. I watch sci fi shows and read comics and play video gams. I have tried every other dating site out there and I couldn't find any one that is my type.

26 years old | All of KY, USA

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orpheuz   (open in a new window)

Weaver of magnificent stories
your classic nice guy, a bit shy, quite a nerd and very geek about Role Playing Games, with a bit of a naughty side included and a craving for travel Im looking for everything!, from a great romance, to a simple date, to meeting like minded people and hopefully a partner. Im your guy making scribbles on a napkin everytime that i have a flash of inspiration, i work in technology and m...

33 years old | Santiago, Chile

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docsamson   (open in a new window)

Trekker, comic geek,cops layer, convention goer looking for same

52 years old | Saint Louis Park, MN, USA

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pikami   (open in a new window)

I'm a 26 y.o child I'm here to find some interesting people to talk with. I'm looking for friends, nothing romantic or sexual ^^ . I like video games, science, programming and role playing

26 years old | Lausanne, Switzerland

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sped13   (open in a new window)

Well best way to describe myself would be Metal Head Nerdy Gentle Giant. I am defiantly a shy guy at first but in time I warm up and cant stop talking. I am big on music and also gaming. There is so much I can put in here but my brain is not wanting to work right now so ask me anything I am an open book.

27 years old | Burbank, CA, USA

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