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masaki   (open in a new window)

Hi! I fit into a pretty general area of geekdom spanning gaming, anime, manga etc.. I tend to get lost on a thought which lead to funny tangents. I do spend a lot of time buried in my hobbies and I'd like to share that with someone like-minded. I am looking for the kind of person who would join me when going to comicon. I generally enjoy being around people who are extremely quirky. Send...

20 years old | Newnham, United Kingdom

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simplypnk   (open in a new window)

wink wink talk to me
ima really out there person but very relationship oriented. im a very happy person and ull always have fun when with me. im a programmer in my spare time and an artist. i skate (boared). and enjoi laughing... alot lol. really just looking for a cool girl to hang with and have fun with. that wont treat me wrong if u think u wanna try then by all means pls do id love to meet you

21 years old | All of MD, USA

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madhatter1993   (open in a new window)

Just Looking for Love High and Low
I'm here because people find me odd because i ride motorcycles, play accordion, video games, wear suspenders, unicycle and juggle, what i'm looking for is someone to share with, to travel around the world with me. what i want is someone to share with.

19 years old | Houston, TX, USA

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mayvena   (open in a new window)

RP geek here :)
Hi *.* I'm a roleplayer, I'm both in PnP roleplaying (mostly D&D3.5) and LARPing. I'm also an airsofter, a gamer and a programmer I love reading SF and fantasy literature and heavy/power/gothic metal. I play drums in a band and try to learn guitar, bass and flute... As a friend of mine often tells me - my main hobby is having hobbies ...

33 years old | Sofia, Bulgaria

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rzs19   (open in a new window)

Ich interessiere mich für X11, Python, Cython, C, Linux, BSD, JavaScript, Gambas, Meerwasseraquaristik, Unabhängigkeit und habe einen seltsamen Humor. Es gibt kaum jemanden der eine Kompatiblität aufweist.

27 years old | Ebreichsdorf, Austria

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fuggl   (open in a new window)

I'm a nice guy and lonely nerd from Germany who likes to do some walking in nature, watch videos and play video games here and there (preferably in English), program and similar stuff. I work in automation and in my free time I also delve in a bit of a project that has to do with that subject.. I'm not much of a small talker or party goer so I'd love to find someone who doesn't mind a bi...

30 years old | Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

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ravinblavk   (open in a new window)

Looking for my Nerdy-Goddess
Well I'm a bit of a geek & i have concluded that it's better to embrace it rather then to suppress who I am. I'm laid back & relaxed, a good listener, apparently give the best hugs. I'm easy to get along with, loyal to a fault, have a strange sense of humor and I'm a font of useless information. I have 2 little girls who mean the world to me & who I like to spend as much time with as I c...

30 years old | Frankston, Australia

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zuhs   (open in a new window)

Meeting nerds like you
Hi everyone ! My name is Kert. For me it's magnificent to be part of community of nerds like this, where you can make friends, girlfriend or something more. I'm a simple, open-minded guy. I want to make friends as many male as female. I love computers, internet and the Free Software (GNU/LINUX). Likewise I like to work my personal development wiht books as Your erroneous zones. Autho...

22 years old | Bogotá, Colombia

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liberty53000   (open in a new window)

I'm 32 years old and NOT a nerd. I'm a nerd groupie. Talk nerdy to me and we'll get along just fine. I love to go out and dance and the more awkward the person I'm with, the better. I'm very friendly and non-judgmental. I'm looking for someone who wants to hang out or whatever. Want someone to sit on the couch next to you while you play Mario Cart, speed chess or program? I'm your gal!

32 years old | Pasadena, MD, USA

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brozdin   (open in a new window)

I'm a computer nerd who works the second shift and in his spare time writes fan-fiction, reads, plays games, surfs the internet and meets with friends about once a week or so. I'm a big Tolkien fanatic and I own a large collection of his and related books. I still think LoTR is the best movie trilogy ever made. I'm also into archeology, ancient history, hiking, Numerology (I own over 55 book...

26 years old | Rural Area, MA, USA

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