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taiyou   (open in a new window)

Sci-fi Fan
Really nice guy. Im really into anime, games, music. Just looking for someone to talk and see how things go with.

28 years old | Dalzell, SC, USA

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coluan   (open in a new window)

"The illusion is always one of normality"
I s'pose I'm looking for friends as of now. People. Mostly. Though any non-terrestrials and sentient talking animals, feel free to apply...

I'm just a regular guy. A regular introverted fan of comic books, Stars Wars, the Simpsons, and Doctor Who type of guy.


31 years old | Dickson City, PA, USA

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intellistyle9   (open in a new window)

Hi. I'm a cool looking dude who has nerdy interests. I am looking for a smart woman who likes science, videogames, computer games, cartoons, and having fun. I don't drink alcohol. I like making YouTube videos, listening to music, reading fun things and smart things on the internet, and sometimes going outside. I'm usually an indoor person. I don't have specific political views. However, I believe ...

21 years old | Brooklyn, NY, USA

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daminacoly   (open in a new window)

hay lookin fer a nerd friend

32 years old | Stratford, Canada

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spkr4thedead   (open in a new window)

Sick and tired of being single.
Short-sized male nerd looking for same in the opposite sex. Short, attractive to me (you'll be surprised at what I don't find too attractive), warm heart, open mind, and willing to accept me for the way I am. If I could I'd give someone the universe as I could contain it in my heart. I have a lot of love to give and absolutely nowhere to put it. I recently discovered NASA TV due to the laun...

28 years old | New York, NY, USA

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windryder28   (open in a new window)

For the Honor of Grayskull!!
Hello.*Stands up, taps mic* I am a geek, nerd, otaku and proud. Yes, I am all kinds of weird. Nerd is just one of my many card-carrying statuses. I enjoy subcultures and deep conversations. I like big books and I cannot lie. I can geek out over national parks, anime and kitties!! To name a few. Glad to be a part of the collective. *adjusts glasses* Thank you for your time. May you live long, and p...

29 years old | Bellefonte, PA, USA

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rachelsdaderic   (open in a new window)

love nerds
lovely women not nerds

51 years old | Newtown Saint Boswells, United Kingdom

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martialartsfan   (open in a new window)

27 years old | Skelmersdale, United Kingdom

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rocketnut   (open in a new window)

ISO Standard Nerd
If it can be built, I can take it apart. I love making things and I am good at fixing broken things. I quit my job as a rocket scientist in Feb of 2012 and now I work as a freelance aerospace photojournalist and an architectural photographer. I've worked as a roadie, an actor, owned my own business and a list of technical jobs. I read (audiobooks really) tons of SF. Both science...

48 years old | Mojave, CA, USA

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zod0006   (open in a new window)

Player 2, press start!
Hello there! I'm an avid gamer and I consider myself to be a nerd (I'm totally ok with that because nerds & geeks are AWESOME). I play board and video games. Currently I am running D&D 4th edition. It's a blast. Favorite Video games: Final Fantasy 7, FFX, FFT, Shenmue, Metal Gear Solid, Guitar Freaks, Secrets of Mana, Soul Blazer, Smash Bros. Favorite Movies: Tron Legacy, Matrix, Lot...

31 years old | Riverside, CA, USA

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