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quieteuphorian   (open in a new window)

I've been a nerd ever since I was a little kid
I love sci-fi, programming, math, history (especially the weirder aspects of history), etc. I probably would enjoy more anime, but a lot of it is subtitled and I often find the subtitles difficult to follow due to my visual impairment. I'm kind of a nerd/hippie hybrid--more pro-tech than most traditional hippies, but maybe a bit more appreciative of "earthiness" than most traditional nerds. I'm on...

47 years old | Jefferson Manor, VA, USA

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jrrmetal   (open in a new window)

looking to me someone

25 years old | Greensboro Winston Salem, NC, USA

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darkelf98   (open in a new window)

im looking for friends

18 years old | Canterbury, United Kingdom

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theeye   (open in a new window)

Tech, Movie and TV Enthusiast, Gamer, Filmmaker
Have you ever wondered whether an apple that you turn into plasma counts as apple juice or a liquid apple? If yes, then we have something in common From a storytelling point of view, it would be hilarious to include a scene in a feature involving this absurd scenario. The movie and TV nerd in me who loves science fiction would like to see...

25 years old | Hanover, Germany

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nealwithana   (open in a new window)

Finally decided to admit I'm a meganerd! :D
Stupid phone won't type!!

25 years old | Dundee, United Kingdom

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chcolate2liquor   (open in a new window)

Im an easygoing sort who likes to workout,read(i can get lost in a borders or barnes/noble)..I like to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer my hobbies are football,basketball,boxing, ufc, cooking. And to get money and buy a house and get a relationship with god. well i like rap r&b slow jams oldies some rock and much more. I noticed that people tend to just view profiles but never s...

27 years old | Carson, CA, USA

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cj2016   (open in a new window)

Im kinda shy and anxious but very freindly and easy going. I play wow and have been for 9 years, looking for a nerdy chick that i can relate to )

24 years old | Pelham, AL, USA

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windryder28   (open in a new window)

For the Honor of Grayskull!!
Hello.*Stands up, taps mic* I am a geek, nerd, otaku and proud. Yes, I am all kinds of weird. Nerd is just one of my many card-carrying statuses. I enjoy subcultures and deep conversations. I like big books and I cannot lie. I can geek out over national parks, anime and kitties!! To name a few. Glad to be a part of the collective. *adjusts glasses* Thank you for your time. May you live long, and p...

29 years old | Bellefonte, PA, USA

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mediterranean19   (open in a new window)

Looking for love
Hey, my name is Erwin, and I am a 21 year old Mediterranean/Southern European man . I am kind, honest, faithful, romantic, passionate, open, and warm individual. I am 1.75m tall and have dark brown hair and olive skin. I am looking here for a relationship and not for one night stand or sex. I value honesty and fidelity in a relationship. I am also a family type of person as well. My...

23 years old | Philadelphia, PA, USA

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thomase   (open in a new window)

SFTI Search for Female Terrestrial Intelligence
I got Aspergers syndrome making me socially awkward, and since I don't drink nor smoke I have even less chance of finding like minded people by going out. My brain is missing an off switch and reset switch so it's constantly running, it would be nice to have someone to ask when it get stuck on one of many question that the internet don't have an answer to, two brains thinks better than on...

32 years old | Hitra, Norway

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