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khaleeshe   (open in a new window)

Slightly taller and curvier than average. Free lance writer and also legitimate wage earner. Looking for a gent with similar outlook and ideals. I'm into fashion, films and tv, comic books, feminism, DnD, board games and terrible science jokes,mid pout one here but they Argon. I also like music and beards.

24 years old | Cheshire, United Kingdom

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oyvind84   (open in a new window)

A sarcastic pessimistic optimistic dreamer
I am a nerdy guy from Norway. I am studying history at the university and it usually keeps me busy. I am a huge nerd and i do spend a lot of time playing games,reading books,watching anime and movies. Getting lost in a challenging game or distant world in a sci-fi book is where i am usally found. I am a open minded guy and i do sometimes worry i think to much. If you want to know more all you need...

29 years old | Bergen, Norway

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aniceguy12   (open in a new window)

27 years old | All of MI, USA

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lonekiltedninja   (open in a new window)

Open-minded companion wanted. Inquire at blue box.
I seem to have established a bit of history of arriving at places, enjoying solving the problems they give me, and then moving on due to forces beyond my control. In the past I've been too busy and/or oblivious to dedicate the time to relationship-building, and surrounded by too many friends and candidates to care. Right now, though, I'm anchored in the Chicago area doing tech R&D, and while the...

29 years old | Skokie, IL, USA

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drprunesqualor   (open in a new window)

How to fill this in without sounding precious/narcissistic... Oh to hell with it, I'm every bit as self-obsessed as you. Desperately seeking... something. There is definitely a something-shaped hole in my life, how about yours? Things I try to fill this hole with: writing, reading, poetry, cats, walks, travel. I waste time on my PC, playing games or browsing the net, then wonder where the time wen...

45 years old | Bath, United Kingdom

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tksingh23   (open in a new window)

28 years old | Lucknow, India

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gotavatar   (open in a new window)

I am a typical nerd in the sense of loving mostly everything comic. Spiderman is my favorite Marvel. Batman it's my favorite DC. I watch a lot of series on Netflix and television. I love both Star Wars and Star Trek. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. Like...huge. The not so typical sense is the fact that I was raised country. Don't care for the music but I can be very outdoorsy. I enjoy fishing a...

28 years old | Greenwood, IN, USA

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zoron   (open in a new window)

33 years old | Greensboro, NC, USA

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metalhealth   (open in a new window)

30 years old | Solihull, United Kingdom

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kalel87   (open in a new window)

I'm mostly nerdy with someother things thrown in:)
I am fun loving nerd that loves to laugh and be adventurous in video games as well as real life I am a laid back kind of guy that enjoys slaying dragons in dungeons to surviving in some sort of zombie apocalypse. I also venture outside, and play sports sometimes. I am always up for trying something new. I am for the most part out going, ...

25 years old | Ontario, CANADA

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