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kromonos   (open in a new window)

31 years old | Trier, Germany

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evresearcher   (open in a new window)

James Bond with a lab coat...LOL
Never a dull moment with me I tell ya. EV research is what I'm working on in grad school, but robotics is my thing. I also like to sit around and have deep conversations about extraterrestrial theories and theories on space/time manipulation (of which I know very little of... just like the conversations...LOL). Other than that I'm like "James Bond" when it comes to EVERYTHING ELSE. Skydiving, jet-...

38 years old | East Chicago, IN, USA

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imperfection97   (open in a new window)

Nerds play video games. Geeks create the software!

47 years old | Federal Way, WA, USA

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metal9lover9man   (open in a new window)

Looking? Found someone you have, I would say!
I'm looking for a woman 18-32 years old. I have an associates degree in computer programming. For those of you who are interested in astrology, I am an Aquarius. I'm really interested in music, anything computer-related, and anime. It should be a crime not to include grunge in music genres. I live and breathe grunge and late 80s to mid-90s fashion. I'm a huge fan of Sta...

30 years old | All of IA, USA

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ziggyrbe10k   (open in a new window)

Greetings, Vulcan looking for soulmate!
I don't think I'm as nerdy as I once were. In many ways I'm still a nerd, and thoroughly enjoy nerdy stuff, but I don't have a nerdy social group to share it. When I watch the Big Bang Theory I want to die, thinking I've wasted my life!

The last three years have been a roller coaster of various types of activism, and I'm now mostly dedicated to a project I've founded, rbe10k, with the goal...

39 years old | Newtown, Australia

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urman1   (open in a new window)

Want something new.

20 years old | Montreal, Canada

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ctoflg   (open in a new window)

66 years old | Tolland, CT, USA

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hunterguy   (open in a new window)

Looking for that partner for my nerdiness.
I'm a single white male, 41, recently moved to seattle and wanting to meet that one someone that can be my partner in life. I'm a professional working downtown and enjoying my new job. I'm into photography, motorcycles, history, reading, urban exploring and probably going to add boating to the list soon. (Love the water) I'm drug and disease free and drink only occasionally socia...

41 years old | Seattle, WA, USA

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mrj619   (open in a new window)

31 years old | San Diego, CA, USA

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torkyx   (open in a new window)

I am seeking for my companion :s
I am a student in programming. I am also a player, I play too much games and I never end one of them >< ! If you want to know more about me, just contact me Torkyx.

22 years old | Montreuil-sous-Bois, France

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