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steel77   (open in a new window)

37 years old | Tempe, AZ, USA

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carstar026   (open in a new window)

25 years old | San Fernando Valley, CA, USA

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inlandsea   (open in a new window)

I'd love to be open, share experience, speaking about our dreams of something that has never happen. Or never happen. Also im introvert ( INTP im MBTI test ) so... dont be shy to write me.

24 years old | Aleksandrovskaya, Russian Federation

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enigma82   (open in a new window)

Hi. I'm a introverted guy who is looking for a girl who's compatible with me. I'm honest, funny, and kind. I love a good sense of humour. At the moment I spend my time reading, playing my flute, chatting online, watching DVDs.

31 years old | Newcastle, Australia

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thomase   (open in a new window)

SFTI Search for Female Terrestrial Intelligence
I got Aspergers syndrome making me socially awkward, and since I don't drink nor smoke I have even less chance of finding like minded people by going out. My brain is missing an off switch and reset switch so it's constantly running, it would be nice to have someone to ask when it get stuck on one of many question that the internet don't have an answer to, two brains thinks better than one, l...

32 years old | Hitra, Norway

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bookhound   (open in a new window)

I am 6.0, brown hair, with Hazel eyes. I have been a book worm for as long as i can remember as well as a love for film, history and the arts. I am here because I want at least one person to talk to and share knowledge with

22 years old | Arlington, TX, USA

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reiyukari   (open in a new window)

nerds do it better
I've joined this site because I've realized in the last couple years that I am in fact a nerd. If course I enjoy sci-fi, comics, science... but I also dabble in learning coding and JavaScript. I built my own computer years ago and rarely need advice on typical problems with electronics and software. I'm looking for someone similar who also wants to enjoy nature.

29 years old | Baldwin Park, CA, USA

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sciencefiction   (open in a new window)

love computers.
love sciencefiction,pc games,video games fantasy,horr,comicbooks

57 years old | Evansville, IN, USA

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coloneldomain   (open in a new window)

They call me by many names
Ok so lets see... -I'm a Whovian -i love building things... understatement of the year. I love designing, building, and rigorously testing things that i think up. cars, computers, electronics, houses, and the list goes on. -I'm a huge halo fan (of the books that is, the games not so much) -I used to play eve-online, kinda fell out of it tough. -My favorite tv shows include: Eurek...

26 years old | Inland Empire, CA, USA

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lonekiltedninja   (open in a new window)

Open-minded companion wanted. Inquire at blue box.
I seem to have established a bit of history of arriving at places, enjoying solving the problems they give me, and then moving on due to forces beyond my control. In the past I've been too busy and/or oblivious to dedicate the time to relationship-building, and surrounded by too many friends and candidates to care. Right now, though, I'm anchored in the Chicago area doing tech R&D, and while the...

29 years old | Skokie, IL, USA

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